Web3 research and development

We are working at the forefront of distributed ledger technology to help enhance the efficiency and transparency of business operating models

Key areas of focus include:

  • Distributed Multi-Party Computation Wallets
  • Real-world asset (RWA) tokenization
  • Market Data infrastructure

Development - Unlocking the Future of Business

We believe that the next wave of technological innovation lies in the realm of Web3. This goes beyond mere transactions; it's about rewriting the foundations on which modern businesses operate. By investing in research and pioneering solutions, we're not only shaping our future, but that of businesses worldwide.

  • Wallets. Our team is working diligently on improving dMPC wallet protocols, ensuring faster transaction times, reduced costs, and enhanced resilience against attacks. Our vision is to create a standard for businesses, offering them a secure means to interact with digital assets.
  • Real World Assets. By merging the physical and digital realms, we're making assets more liquid, accessible, and divisible. This opens up new avenues for investment, crowdfunding, and even ownership. Our platform ensures that every token is backed by a legitimate asset, ensuring transparency and authenticity.
  • Market Data. We architect data warehouses and build indexing solutions that aggregate on-chain and off-chain market data for seamless consumption.


At Cube Research, we have a friendly, talented, and hardworking team that makes our success possible. Each team member has their own special skills, and they work together to give our clients the best experience.

Our offices

  • Hong Kong
    Central District

Our subsidiaries

  • Cube Exchange Australia
    35 Market Street
    South Melbourne VIC 3205
    Cube Exchange Poland
    ul. Piotrkowska 116 / 52
    90-006 Łódź